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You did it! There's a new JAW record in the works...

For the last few months y'all have kept the wheels turning and together we raised just over $14,000 to make my first studio record in over five years.


I can't thank you enough for your donations, all the t-shirts and stickers you ordered, and everyone who came out to my little fall tour! 


So when is this album coming out? It's still TBD...but we're trucking along! Last summer I recorded it with producer Bradley Hale and now Andy Park is nearly done mixing. The next step is planning a rollout. I decided that instead of rushing it out, I'm gonna give it a good shot and instead spend several months releasing singles and hyping it up. Sometimes you gotta play the game baby!

Join me on Patreon for first dibs on all the news.  I'm still taking preorders, so if you want vinyl, scroll down to reserve your first-pressing copy. 

You're the best and I can't wait to show off these songs because they sound great!!!

Talk to you soon!

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