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My name is John-Allison Weiss and I'm making my first new album in five years. What took so long? I'd say it was a little bit changing-my-gender and a whole lot business-bullshit, but I'm back baby, and in the words of the great Sheryl Crow, "All I wanna do is have some fun."
At the beginning of 2020, I was pretty lost. Since my early teens I've written songs as an excuse to scream-sing my feelings with kindred spirits. At 33 I hadn't been doing much of that. I was overwhelmed by gender anxiety. I was struggling to pay rent in Los Angeles. I was crumbling under capitalism, begging for attention from industry bros who I didn't even like. When the pandemic hit and the gigs were canceled, I quit. I packed up my Jeep and headed to the wilderness to make music for fun again.
When I took care of myself, the songs came easily. I sang on riverbanks over rushing water and out over empty canyons. I played guitar in the back of my car parked wherever I could sleep unbothered. I wrote when I woke up to the sunrise through frosty windows. When the songs were near-done I rented a trailer in rural Nevada to make my demos. I spent two weeks hunched over borrowed recording equipment, sketching out the music for my transition, divorce, discovery, and rebirth.

A few weeks ago I brought my rusty demos to producer Bradley Hale and together we crafted them into my favorite album yet, but I still need your help to make this collection of songs the best they can be. I'm shamelessly crowdfunding because if I don't have to sell my rights to a label or publisher, I'll have a better shot at building a sustainable future creating music.
If I reach my goal I'll be able to cover all the costs of making this record and maybe even some music videos and bonus songs to go with it. Songs will start appearing starting Fall 2021, and records will ship as soon as they're ready (likely Spring 2022) with exclusive 1st Edition artwork. Everything is designed by me with a few pieces from some talented friends.
I think I finally found the path I've been looking for, and it led me back to you. I want and need to share my art with my community and I think I can do it without Big Music. I think we can do it together.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for everything.


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