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Updated: Feb 25

Hey Siri! Play the Indie Drive playlist! The fine folks at Apple Music have added "Different Now" to their Indie Drive playlist, a collection of songs for your next road trip or your daily commute. Click through to listen!

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Updated: Feb 25

Thrilled to report the new JAW single "Different Now" was added to the New in Indie playlist on Apple Music this week!

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Updated: Feb 25

Indie pop songwriter, John-Allison Weiss, has signed to Get Better Records and shares new single, “Different Now,” which is their first new music since 2015 and coming out as transgender.

'“Different Now” was the last song I wrote before heading down the path that would lead to my transition and divorce. My partnership was the first loving place I could be my true self, but the truths I uncovered meant the relationship had to end,” says Weiss.

John-Allison Weiss last released full lengths in 2013 with Say What You Mean (No Sleep Records) and 2015 with New Love (SideOneDummy Records). Weiss spoke about working with the queer/trans artist run label, Get Better Records, and reflected “I spent a long time trying to fit into traditional music spaces and by 2020 I was totally burned out. Get Better Records is the community support I’ve always needed.

They constantly remind me that my art is valuable, and my sense of self is worth protecting.”

“I don’t think I have the words to accurately describe the feeling of finally putting out new music in my new body and my new voice,” says John-Allison, who has been writing music since they were 15. “I feel like a damn butterfly or a bear after a long winter. I’m stretching my limbs and coming alive again. I survived some really dark days to finally see myself in the mirror for the first time, and I’m so proud to have come out of that struggle with music to share.”

Weiss’s latest offering points to a deepening in their artistic practice while maintaining the earnest emotional spaciousness they’ve been creating for fans since they were in high school.

'“Different Now" is about leaving, not because anything went wrong, but because people grow, feelings fade, and sometimes choosing yourself means leaving the familiar behind. It’s a call to accept change and follow your heart,” concludes Weiss.

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