John-Allison Weiss is making a record with the help of

a thousand friends.

Feelings and songs. Those are my constants. I crush hard. I pine harder. I question everything, especially myself. I've been writing my life in melodies and chords since I was fourteen years old. Music is how I found my way in the world as a gay trans tender-hearted southern expat, a gender outlaw, a romantic and a realist, a lover and a fighter. I spent 2020 uprooting my life in search of a new authenticity, and I can't wait to share the songs I've made along the way.

For over a decade I've had the fortune of being a working artist, keeping my head above water with the help of my supporters. After years chasing Big Music Success, I'm switching gears. This next chapter is about my community.

With your help, I'll be able to book studio time with my dear friend █████ (revealed at halfway mark!), and record an album that I've been waiting to make for five years. If I reach my entire goal, I'll be able to lay the foundation for my own record label and a sustainable future creating music.

Thank you for being here, thank you for listening, thank you for wanting more.



GOAL: $25,000

FOR: Producer, studio rental, musicians, mixing, fundraiser printing and manufacture, vinyl and CD production, videos, marketing, label startup money, and if all goes well then paying my friends more for their work!

TIMELINE: Record in May, release in Fall 2021


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